How many pictures does a photo booth take?

The photo booths take four photos, four seconds apart and within 20 seconds you have a high quality 6×4 image in your hand. Photo strips come in a variety of sizes. The most common size is 2 x 6 inches (5 x 15 cm) with four individual frames forming the photo strip. Some machines print three frames, while others print five or six frames in a variety of different frame sizes, often printed as a single 4 x 6 inch (10 x 15 cm) photo.

Some (often homemade machines) simply take normal pictures instead of photo strips. Consider how you want the final product to appear. Normally, with any of our photo booth rental packages, you will receive two photographic prints per session. If you would like to have more than two impressions printed per session at your wedding or event, simply speak to a member of the Limelight team and we will be happy to assist you.

We often see questions in the photo booth's Facebook groups or by customers looking for answers. We greet the guests, we focus them on the photo, we tell them where to look, we press the button to get you started and we even distribute your final photo strips. The biggest difference between an iPad photo booth and a DSLR photo booth is the tablet used to power it. There are many different types of photo booths, as well as different types of experiences you can create.

And finally, your MC or DJ can also make one or two announcements inviting your guests to visit the photo booth. All photos from your event will be saved on a USB stick and delivered to the photo booth host, at no additional cost. If you have guests in a wheelchair or have difficulty accessing small spaces, you may want to keep this in mind when choosing a position. Some operators offer booster seats to overcome this and there are a few select operators who have mini cabins designed specifically for children's events.

It is your choice to wear them or not, since for some weddings and other events, having accessories can sometimes take away the “formal atmosphere” of an event and the classic feel of a photo booth. This means that the more often you can book your photo booth, the better your ROI or return on investment. You can print on almost any printer compatible with Air Print, but unfortunately the professional dye-sublimation photo printers used in photo booths do not support Air Print natively. Simply put, the more events your photo booth can book, the more money you make, so most photo booth companies buy a second photo booth within their first year.

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