How tall should a photo booth be?

Ideally, 5 feet wide and 3 to 4 feet high are enough to frame 3 to 5 people with their waists up in the shots. The ideal space for our photo booths is 3 x 3 m. But we have settled in spaces of 2 m x 2 m or 3 m x 1 m. Photo booths often come with the help of an assistant who will help you manage the equipment, distribute prints and create a pleasant atmosphere throughout the event.

With the added bonus of extravagant accessories, premium camera quality and the ability to customize your experience, outdoor cabins are the perfect way to capture your memories in a unique and exciting way. Complete with a modern twist and advanced customization capabilities, the Mirror Booth is the perfect accessory at any wedding. We can offer studio-quality photographs and unlimited full-size 6x4 prints or traditional strips (a series of small images in a tall, narrow strip). Photo booths compatible with social networks include the ability to create boomerangs and gifs to share as soon as the photo is taken.

With a variety of filters, you can create scrapbook type photos that remove people from the image, or as simple as applying a different image on top of each photo. Glam photos or Kardashian-style photos With the ability to use the Glam Filter (designed in-house), all photos taken in front of the photo booth will receive their personalized touches that will make you feel like a star. However, keeping the booth close to the electrical outlet further reduces any risk to your guests and possible disruption of the photo booth. Realistically, you can perform around 40 photo booth sessions (3-4 photos each) per hour.

In addition, social media booths give users the opportunity to instantly and easily share images via text and email. All photos from your event will be saved on a USB stick and delivered to the photo booth host, at no additional cost.

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